Too long


Double rainbow… (Image: Sandi Martinez)

Subtlety has never been a big strength of mine. In fact, I’m always ready to give anyone and everyone whom I interact with, a steady dose of frankness. I couldn’t possible do it any other way. And so it’s for this reason, I write frankly – now.

I couldn’t get into my WordPress account and failed miserably every time I tried. And so today, a miracle happened… First, I decided not to give up so easily and kept trying until it worked. Second, I realized I had made too many excuses. See, I’ve started my second installment to my trilogy, Divine Wars; the Awakening. However, I’ve not been writing like I know I should. Like all other writers will tell you, write, write, and write, even if just a paragraph, or half a page, or a whole page… though I wholly agree, I must say, it’s never that easy.

And of course anything else I say, will just sound like more excuses. So I’ll be honest. I started off on the wrong foot. I let my ego take the driver’s side rather than follow the magical and easy way that creativity makes its way though me; lightning that strikes deep within. Words I don’t try hard to put together, are suddenly strung snugly and wound tight around each other, as the words flow. The result? A rich story I could have never written on my own – my ego is too full of itself for that – yet as I write this, I feel whole again. Even this one entry, so few words, gives me hope and inspiration to keep going. I share this with all of you creators… don’t be hard on yourself, just don’t give up. Whatever you do, keep writing, keep painting, keep dancing, keep creating music, open your heart to the divine, and know a wellspring of magic awaits to pour from you and out to the world. Don’t be greedy… like I’ve been.


Many blessings,  Sandi


On Pause


Very recently, I had stopped by a gas station on my way to work to buy a breakfast burrito. Well, as I am preparing to open the door, there was a man who looked strangely at me. I wondered why. I am not a big preen queen, but I know I didn’t look that scary… then I realized it wasn’t me he was looking at. As I continue to write my Divine Wars trilogy, I am ever surprised at the closeness and love that I am experiencing on a daily basis with my guardian angels.

The man wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at one of my angel’s who appeared very big and frightening. And so when his eyes widened it had to be a surprise to see them. I say ‘them’ because I don’t really know how many were with me. I felt the presences of archangel Michael, but I couldn’t be sure. I almost felt a pang of jealousy that the stranger could see him, and I couldn’t. That’s how it is, I can sense and hear them – communicate fully with them – but I can never really see them. I think maybe it’s better that way.

However, going back to the man. I opened the door, and he carefully sidestepped me. I couldn’t figure out if maybe I was in danger, or something. The man looked a bit shady, but I try not to judge the book by its cover. I just want to remind all of you that your guardian angels are real. They love you and protect you always.

I wonder if they ever think we are selfish and spoiled humans? I know when I have my conversations with my angels they are very loving, gentle, and kind. In order to forge a relationship with your angels, it’s imperative that you not think bad or negative thoughts about yourself. You are not crazy, you are not insane or ‘losing it’. You simply are awakening… reach out to your guardians… they are real. They are really, really, real.

-Many blessings, Sandi

A dip in memory

My little man always enjoyed hide and seek! (Image: Sandi Martinez)

My little man always enjoyed hide and seek! (Image: Sandi Martinez)

I really enjoy house and pet-sitting, and I had a wonderful opportunity to do that over the last 4 days. There were 2 cats and 1 dog. The cats always had me on my toes – guessing what they were going to do next… the dog Maddy, was sweet and I truly believe an Angelic being.

What I mean by that, is that not only do dogs go to heaven, they also come from there, and just go back when it’s time. Much like it was time for my long-time animal companion, Samson. The days allowed me to meditate. To rest, and slow down. I sat on the veranda of this beautiful house set in El Dorado, NM, and watched the sun set. Intense oranges, yellows, reds, and purples, mixed as if on a painter’s palette. I saw epic thunder and lightning storms streak across the sky like chariots on fire. I saw sweet birds and hummingbirds feast on the sun, light, and food they gathered. I had time… a rare and strange event. The fact that time had no time limits.

While surfing the TV; satellite with various movies playing at once, I noticed my body relax, and my muscles became mush. This is about the time I worried my brain cells were slowly dying… (I never watch TV). Much to my relief, it was simply my brain taking a reprieve from all the mental gymnastics I make daily; second by second.

Today, my last day, I packed my things, and put them in my car. I played fetch with Maddy, (I’m pretty sure it was me fetching) and I loved on her and told her how much our time together meant to me. As I made my final check, I felt an overwhelming sadness overtake me. Maddy reminded me of my dog Samson who as some of you may remember, passed away this February. She looked deep into my eyes as if she understood my sadness. I tried to be enthusiastic that mom was coming home in just a few hours, but the tears won out, and at last, Maddy walked away and left me to deal with my pain, sadness, and loss.

This is why I believe she is an angelic being; she allowed me to feel my pain without taking it away, and yet her love washed over me in waves. Only an angel can do that.

Many blessings,


Missed beats

Santa Fe National Forest (Image: Sandi Martinez)

Santa Fe National Forest (Image: Sandi Martinez)


A meandering thought,

stuck in time

a word caught

at the tip of the top

the sun’s gaze

warms the earth beneath

and the earth shudders

in warm relief

A wrong turn

leading to me

and the path yet unborn

that leads back to you

two paths

up the mountain top

and yet nowhere to go

but back down…

now it’s your turn

downward, upward, sideways, upside down – the turns will lead you back

now it’s your turn

©Sandi Martinez

The path is long, as it is wide

A stroll near the plaza in Santa Fe, NM - near the Cathedral - with my friend Nicole!  (Image: Sandi Martinez)

A stroll near the plaza in Santa Fe, NM – near the Cathedral – with my friend Nicole! (Image: Sandi Martinez)

Unfortunately, many blocks twists and turns signal a crossroads. When a time to go and a time to stop both collide. This path can be long and winding and narrow – full of pit-stops. Full of pot holes. So, we get a flat tire. We stop and get it fixed, or change it out ourselves.

The wider the road is, the more traffic can fit into the path. Many distractions abound; a time when we forget where we’re going and when we were supposed to get there. Really, there’s no right or wrong. Just the possibility of stopping for too long, and even turning back.

Do you really want to turn back? After all the steps you’ve taken to get where you are? Did you even know where you were going in the first place, or were you just following a map; a plan set up for you by others?

The path is long, as it is wide. When we stop to see how far we’ve come, it’s not an excuse to stop there – the challenge is to go as far as you can. The crossroads has options. Turn there, go here – stop. Go. No amount of signs in the world can point you in the direction you’re going – but your heart is surely the only compass you’ll ever need. So, don’t stop – go, and don’t look back – the road is long as it is wide…

Many blessings,


Fairy Tales



I get to breathe, see, feel, love, and hurt again… (Image: Sandi Martinez)

I get to breathe, see, feel, love, and hurt again… (Image: Sandi Martinez)


If flowers could speak

what would they say?

“Here we are, we live another day,”

If I could speak my heart’s desire,

what would it say?

I get to breathe, see, feel, love, and hurt again…

Happy endings only exist in fairy tales

words ending in… ‘And they lived Happily Ever After’

but what are fairy tales if not

what has occurred before?

whether by another’s imagination

or a terribly ingenious fictional story

Borne from one mind to another, to paper

and from my lips to yours

Happily ever after is what we make it.

So, lose the glass slippers

paper hearts



Show me who you are

the one you have forgotten

Because this is where true fairy tales

Are borne

In your truth,



©Sandi Martinez

Winding Road

The road is long As it is wide The beginning point Has an end... (Image: Sandi Martinez)

The road is long
As it is wide
The beginning point
Has an end… (Image: Sandi Martinez)

The road is long

As it is wide

The beginning point

Has an end

Your sweet button eyes

And flopped ears

Remind me of all the years

We spent




And sunning

I miss you Samson, my dog

I miss you, my brother Reve,

And I miss you grandmother,

And all that have gone on before

My time now is to live, breathe, and be

Your time is to rest, love, and be the angels

That you were meant to be

©Sandi Martinez

Easy does it!

This photo is completely untouched... I see a turtle, what do you see? (Image: Sandi Martinez)

This photo is completely untouched… I see a turtle, what do you see?
(Image: Sandi Martinez)


So, where are you going in such a hurry?  The image above stunned me one day when I was driving on my way home from work. I’d been seeing turtle shapes, and actual turtles (plastic, figurines, etc) all around me, and ignored it – that is to say I didn’t pay much attention – until this day when I saw it in the sky.

So, I wondered, am I rushing around? It was too easy to say no. But not quite accurate to say YES. This is the totem meaning for turtle:

The turtle totem wisdom teaches us about walking our path in peace and sticking to it with determination and serenity. Slow moving on earth, yet also incredibly fast and agile in water, those who have the turtle as totem or spirit animal may be encouraged to take a break in their busy lives and look around or within themselves for more grounded, long-lasting solutions. Traditionally, the turtle is symbolic of the way of peace, whether it’s inviting us to cultivate peace of mind or a peaceful relationship with our environment.

So, I wanted to share this with all of you – those who feel like time is never enough. Those whom walk a tight line between gotta go, gotta do, too much to do… I hope this little piece is inspiring to you, and check out the link to look up more totems should you have a list of beings that have graced you with their presence as of late…

Happy trails folks,