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Double rainbow… (Image: Sandi Martinez)

Subtlety has never been a big strength of mine. In fact, I’m always ready to give anyone and everyone whom I interact with, a steady dose of frankness. I couldn’t possible do it any other way. And so it’s for this reason, I write frankly – now.

I couldn’t get into my WordPress account and failed miserably every time I tried. And so today, a miracle happened… First, I decided not to give up so easily and kept trying until it worked. Second, I realized I had made too many excuses. See, I’ve started my second installment to my trilogy, Divine Wars; the Awakening. However, I’ve not been writing like I know I should. Like all other writers will tell you, write, write, and write, even if just a paragraph, or half a page, or a whole page… though I wholly agree, I must say, it’s never that easy.

And of course anything else I say, will just sound like more excuses. So I’ll be honest. I started off on the wrong foot. I let my ego take the driver’s side rather than follow the magical and easy way that creativity makes its way though me; lightning that strikes deep within. Words I don’t try hard to put together, are suddenly strung snugly and wound tight around each other, as the words flow. The result? A rich story I could have never written on my own – my ego is too full of itself for that – yet as I write this, I feel whole again. Even this one entry, so few words, gives me hope and inspiration to keep going. I share this with all of you creators… don’t be hard on yourself, just don’t give up. Whatever you do, keep writing, keep painting, keep dancing, keep creating music, open your heart to the divine, and know a wellspring of magic awaits to pour from you and out to the world. Don’t be greedy… like I’ve been.


Many blessings,  Sandi


On Pause


Very recently, I had stopped by a gas station on my way to work to buy a breakfast burrito. Well, as I am preparing to open the door, there was a man who looked strangely at me. I wondered why. I am not a big preen queen, but I know I didn’t look that scary… then I realized it wasn’t me he was looking at. As I continue to write my Divine Wars trilogy, I am ever surprised at the closeness and love that I am experiencing on a daily basis with my guardian angels.

The man wasn’t looking at me, he was looking at one of my angel’s who appeared very big and frightening. And so when his eyes widened it had to be a surprise to see them. I say ‘them’ because I don’t really know how many were with me. I felt the presences of archangel Michael, but I couldn’t be sure. I almost felt a pang of jealousy that the stranger could see him, and I couldn’t. That’s how it is, I can sense and hear them – communicate fully with them – but I can never really see them. I think maybe it’s better that way.

However, going back to the man. I opened the door, and he carefully sidestepped me. I couldn’t figure out if maybe I was in danger, or something. The man looked a bit shady, but I try not to judge the book by its cover. I just want to remind all of you that your guardian angels are real. They love you and protect you always.

I wonder if they ever think we are selfish and spoiled humans? I know when I have my conversations with my angels they are very loving, gentle, and kind. In order to forge a relationship with your angels, it’s imperative that you not think bad or negative thoughts about yourself. You are not crazy, you are not insane or ‘losing it’. You simply are awakening… reach out to your guardians… they are real. They are really, really, real.

-Many blessings, Sandi


Beads of sweat roll down

in the nick of time,

I catch mine

in the nick of time,

I turn around

and wait to see if you

can really see

the beads are reflections of you

drops of memories free themselves

as they glide down my soft skin

images of you and me and the way

we were bounce back; times gone by

the ones we remember

and the ones that roll around loosely

the string that holds them

no longer taut, no longer strong

but rather a lazy kind of tug

Beads of parts of ourselves

of who we no longer are

Beads of the future gather

around the ground, the path

we walk on, that once led us to

each other,

and now opens to all directions

Beads roll on down in every direction,

I no longer worry… let them roll





© Sandi Martinez

The true gifts of ‘catch and release’

Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico (Image: Sandi)

Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico (Image: Sandi)

A little over a month has gone by now since I published my book, Divine Wars; the Awakening. And though I’ve started the second installment in a trilogy, I am at a loss as to how to proceed. You see, the awakening happened at a time in my life when I literally was ‘waking up’. I should tone it down though by being more honest and casting it in the light that it really shines: I began heavily shifting from one mindset to several. I no longer lived an ordinary life. By that I mean, not only was I doing my daily duties at my job, my home, and other important tasks that called my attention – I began to feel and live the other dimensions – the ones that we pass by so happily ignorantly in bliss.

I don’t like admitting that I can no longer write in the same capacity as I had been. It took me a year and four months to write the awakening. Now, it seems I live my life battling divine wars in one way or another. By the way, a priest, or other clergies of the church might know exactly what I’m talking about. The conundrum, is I am no priest, nun, or clergy of the church as we know it. I simply am me, seeing and feeling my way through life in ways that others simply don’t, or aren’t capable of. Not because they are not able to, but because they have not awakened.

So, I live my life now, trying to strike a balance. A job, my home, my writing, and not necessarily in that order. The second installment calls for extreme measures. A writing schedule (though not of any doing of my own) must be hatched carefully. My divine guardians are patient, but for how much longer? My divine guidance is potent, but how am I to reign it in, and make the most of a story that has already been written?

Angels and demons, the war continues, and has been quite alive and well since the day it started. My divine muse comes in many different shapes and sizes, and wears the most elegant of satin, lace, and a material so sheer, you’d think there is but naked flesh underneath… a bit like silk, but even thinner and more transparent… don’t fret, if you really want a muse like this, they are but an invite away…

Until I can find my rhythm once again, I am awash with worry, guilt, and confusion. How will I find the time and the perfect place, and environment to continue on with the second installment? I don’t expect any answers believe it or not, I’m just ranting and raving over something that will in one way or another, solve itself as it always has. But I do thank you for listening…

Historical Tapestry; the War between Good and Evil

Divine wars

Divine Wars; the Awakening, was born after a trial and error of sorts. I thought it would be a story of reincarnation and the threads that weave us through past lives and as a result, one another. However, it was not to be what I thought or should be for that matter.

As I began to write, something happened: something bigger, more creative, and infinitely more intelligent flowed through me. My story really, turned out to be about angels and demons. But not the kind that you read about in other richly told stories, or even the biblical ones. This story turned out to be even more than I was humanly capable of imagining.

The historical tapestry of the eternal war between good and evil rages on through today, and will into the future and many generations to come, will also tell tales. But will they talk about this war? The one that happens in our daily lives at any given time, at every conceivable moment? The one where a human who has walked in the light and talked of the light, suddenly becomes dark? Or how about the one that has bathed and lived and trudged joyfully through the dark, only to be struck violently by shards of piercing light?

I don’t know that I have truly done this story justice; it is one that is shared with me via divine whisperings, the kind you don’t hear, yet listen to avidly. As if waking from a dream, only to realize you were dreaming while you lived your reality.

This is not a story I can easily describe, and though I’ve done my best to write up a descriptive synopsis on the back cover of the book, I can honestly say it’s only the beginning of a living, breathing, and often times ethereal story; one that beckoned the angels to my side, as they whispered their sacred secrets into my ears… and they continue. Though I have finished the first installment of ‘Divine Wars; the Awakening”, so Divine Wars; at Dawn, is born.

Stay tuned.

~And they come, so as they may be turned, to a way never gone back to, to be forgotten, only to repeat the steps as if in an exquisite dance… and so they come, to hear the many truths, yet unborn, and unimagined. –Archangel Ramiel.

How to tell if ‘Divine Wars; the Awakening’ is right for you

The Totally, Organic, Angelic, experience...

The Totally, Organic, Angelic, experience…

I’d like to say that interacting and connecting with angels is an experience that can be fully explained; but alas, not with words anyway. This book, to be published by the beginning of May, weaves a story around angels, and soul stalkers. If you believe in angels and quite simply, the divine, in all its glory and magic, then you can continue to read further. Otherwise, you might want to scan WordPress for other cool blogs to peruse…

Ah, you’re still here… so, how can you tell in advance if this story is right for you?

The first installment in a trilogy, takes the reader into a world of unknowns. Fate and destiny intertwine; creating a plethora of supernatural delights where angels stand on sidewalks, smile wide at strangers, and open doors with genial courtesy. While at the same time, demons stalk the innocent and hopeless. Two worlds collide, a multi-dimensional catastrophe as timeless and cyclical as eternity itself.

  • You have been touched by an angel; literally, through other people or other unexplainable events
  • You have witnessed events that in some way saved you either figuratively, or literally speaking
  • You have an innate ability to communicate with the divine, but hide it from others because you’re afraid you will be called crazy or ‘out there’
  • You are clairaudient
  • You are clairvoyant
  • You are clairsentient
  • You are telepathic
  • You are ultrasensitive and open to other realms and dimensions you are too embarrassed or confused to talk about
  • You have unusual, strange gifts, other than the above-mentioned; such as dreams, premonitions, (Deja vu) woo-hoo moments that you simply don’t want to talk about with others, and feel inclined to ignore, deny, or push away these super cool experiences
  • You believe in a force much greater than you (whether or not you use the word, ‘God’)
  • You are able to notice the smallest shifts during seasonal changes in the wind, (colors) incredibly sharp sense of smell, touch, taste, and hearing… and you have more than 20/20 vision in your third eye
  • By the same token, you also have had horrifying brushes with evil, or know of others who have and have never questioned them, because you believe them

That being said, I’ll direct you to my website where you can check out my book trailer. Go ahead, I dare you …

Many blessings!