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Light and Dark; a Pause in Writing

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We all have a path. We may choose to ignore it, or travel the sometimes lonely, confusing, chaotic, and uncertain spiritual adventure we have been called upon to make and even agreed to; or we may have forgotten.

But what if you remembered your path?

The concept of remembering your path is simple: You feel it deep down in your soul… something is missing. You are drawn again and again to a memory, a feeling, that you should be doing something different, but you don’t know what.

What I’ve done here, is dissected myself in such a way that there is no room for interpretation; brutal honesty hangs on the edges of my words throughout. I call myself out. I admit my shortcomings. I admit I don’t know everything. I admit I can’t know everything, even though I give it all I’ve got. God lives within me. God is my partner. This doesn’t mean I’m privy to knowing all. And I challenge you. I challenge you to call yourself out. But are you ready? Don’t worry, I give you a few chances to bow out gracefully in the beginning of this novella!

The first book in a Trilogy, ‘Divine Wars; the Awakening’.

The totally organic, angelic, experience

The totally organic, angelic, experience

Don’t Call me, ‘Honey’

Don't Call Me, 'Honey'

Don’t Call Me, ‘Honey’

Maude Bosetti, a successful artist, and psychic, starts seeing visions of crimes committed by     Luxor King who is connected to the crime family, the Calamini brothers. Maude helps the police and FBI to put him behind bars, but in the process falls in love with a prostitute. As the affair starts to heat up, Maude becomes the target of a failed attempt to end her life, prompting U.S. Marshals to enroll Maude in the WITSEC program. But the race is far from over… the southwest isn’t far away enough; her location is discovered. Time is not on her side; the decision to run, or face her demons looms, but the biggest challenge she faces, is when she runs into the one person she least expected to see. Click to order the book!

Looking for the Kindle edition, click here!


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