Divine Guidance



Helping people, helping animals in need.

For some time now, I’ve been offering free 15-minute psychic readings to people who donate over $20 to animal rescue orgs.

But I’m changing things a bit. How?

By donating HALF of funds from every minute I spend providing Divine Guidance to those who call me for their intuitive reading. This means I contribute every time I give a reading, to an animal rescue organization for that week/day. How does it compute? All readings are typically $1/minute. .50 goes to the animal rescue org. In total for example: I read for 30 minutes. $15 is donated to that chosen animal rescue org. And how do I choose the animal rescue org to donate to? YOU DO! You let me know which animal rescue org you prefer I donate to, and I will provide you with a receipt via your preferred contact method.

Divine guidance is a phone call away – I offer reliable, compassionate, and affordable, spiritual guidance on the following issues: Relationships (family, romantic, friends, or professional), business issues, and untangling confusion around any problem or issue that is plaguing you. In some cases, if a departed loved one wishes to communicate with you, I am able to be the conduit that allows for the message(s) to come through clearly.

I have been reading professionally/personally for over 25 years. My gifts showed themselves at an early age. When I started hearing my departed grandfather’s heavy footsteps in my grandmother’s house as a young child, I knew I wasn’t like the other ‘normal’ kids around me. I was able to sense when people were lying, or hiding something; as well as feeling what others felt deeply, to the point of being confused about why I felt the things I did. This is an empathic ability, and many people out there have this gift. I also work with other gifts such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience. My goal is to help you, help yourself – and in turn, together, we help animals in need.

I have a quick response-time, and turn around. Readings will be done over the phone. Currently, only PayPal payments accepted.

For more info, please call: 505.231.5648, to schedule a time that is right for you.

Thanks for stopping by, I look forward to reading for you. and raising money to support the efforts of animal rescue organizations.
Many blessings!



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