Side effects


One of the most common side effects of spiritual growth, is temper-tantrum-throwing. Yes, that’s right – stomping our feet, clawing at the floor or walls for dear life, as life pulls us ever deeper into the light. Screaming, yelling fits, self-pity, and yes, the recognition of all said behaviors above.

At the same time, this is absolutely beautiful. A painful, embarrassing, and beautiful process. And this is what I run into when people call me for a reading. And this is why I call it Divine Guidance. When I work with individuals from all walks of life, and they’re trusting me with sharing their problems, while looking for answers; I am filled with hope. I am honored.

Why? Because this is a sign that people want to change. They want to grow. They want and need or are looking for something different. I say a prayer prior to each reading. My prayer asks that the universe bring those to me, who are truly open to not only hearing the divine truth, but also are ready to make solid and ground-breaking progress on their path.

But what about those that aren’t there yet? Ahhh… a spiritual advisor can’t be picky. We can’t just want to help those that are ready and willing to be helped. Sometimes, it’s the ones that are the most confused, hurting, and broken people that are led to us – and most readily are the ones that require our patience, kindness, understanding, compassion, and light. These are the temper-tantrum throwers, and interestingly enough, are the ones I learn from the most.

Today, I say to universe, bring it on!

-Many blessings,




The Rune of Protection

algiz_425 pix

Every few years, I seem to encounter some major changes in my life often tied to moving, or changing jobs. It would be great if the changes were more like getting a new hair style, or a new car…

This morning, as part of my morning meditation, I drew the Algiz Rune, a powerful rune of protection. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with Runes, they are basically letters that were used before the Latin alphabet was adopted to write various Germanic languages. However, It’s thought that because rune letters were often found on artifacts, that runes were used for magical purposes to be used as charms. The meaning of ‘Rune’ is ‘Something secret, hidden’. There’s an indication that the runes were originally considered esoteric.

The elder Futhark Runes consist of 24 runes, and are of the old Germanic alphabet. Over centuries, other new variants such as, Anglo-Saxon Futhorc runes that consist of 33 runes, Turkish and Hungarian Runes, Etruscan alphabet, and the Scandinavian Futhark, have been created. Rune symbols can be carved into different kinds of material. The most common are gem stones, wood, and other ceramic materials.

In fact, a lot of mystery surrounds runes, and their origin. But right now, I’d like to focus on the Elder Futhark, which are the runes I work with. By the way, the first six letters of ‘Futhark’ make up the Elder Futhark (spelling out ‘Futhark’) rune alphabet. Here, I am using rune cards. I found that when I use gem stones or ceramics, they break on me. The cards are a safe bet!

As I mentioned earlier in this entry, I have undergone many changes; I drew a rune for today – a way to get some more guidance as I continue on this journey fraught with changes. To draw the ‘Algiz’ rune was comforting. One of the questions I ask myself often is, will I be ok? Will I be protected from negative influences? Or even just my own negative thinking… So many things can go wrong while on a new path, and the rune Algiz – or Elhaz – meaning elk literally, is just the encouragement I need.

So, the answer is yes I’ll be protected against any obstacles, or threats that may come as a result of stepping onto my new path. I will also be protected from myself – thank goodness! I can often be the biggest and best obstacle to my own success. Well, not today!

Many blessings!


Don’t give up the fight

An initiation rune...
An initiation rune…

… or should you give up the fight? This rune has many spelling variations. I like Tir, because it’s simple to remember, and pronounce! It was drawn reversed. Normally upright, it is an opportunity to fight for what we believe in. To put our best and our all and be prepared for any and all challenges that come our way.

However, I drew it reversed (it is shown upright so that you can see it in its upright position clearly). What this means, is we have the opportunity this weekend, to open ourselves up to the possibility that we may be becoming lax, careless, or unresponsive to the things around us that we care about.

A few questions I am asking myself, since I drew this for one and all of you whom may find that you may be working on a parallel challenge that I too may be facing.

  • Where has my desire to make a difference gone?
  • Am I ready to take on new challenges on the horizon?
  • Will I fight to keep what I have earned?
  • Do I still have a fighting spirit?
  • Is this a battle I want to fight?
  • What exactly am I fighting, and to what end?

Just a few question to chew on, but first let it marinate? I think of my own answers to those questions. I recently ran into someone at my work place that I had a very challenging situation with. Thinking I might see this person again in the future prior to our meeting just yesterday, I had prepared myself for that possibility.

When I passed by them in a somewhat narrow hallway, I thought, “Wow, there they are…” and I walked proudly and unaffected by their presence, while they stood there clearly unprepared. I must admit, I loved seeing the look on their face!

I could have reacted in several ways. But the first thing that came to me was, ‘that which does not exist, does not affect’. And so I chose not to ‘see’ them, even though they were clearly standing right there – in front of my face.

I’ll leave you with this thought and outworn cliche: Choose your battles!

Many blessings,



Stunted, or merely ‘delayed’ growth?


Whether it’s a newborn, a new enterprise or business, or just a new way of thinking, she is all about growth. (Image: Sandi Martinez; Rune cards.)
Whether it’s a newborn, a new enterprise or business, or just a new way of thinking, she is all about growth. (Image: Sandi Martinez; Rune cards.)

Times are changing; weather is changing; so too aren’t we changing? Human growth comes in all forms, and we weather the internal change as well as the outer. Upright, the Berkana Rune heralds growth in all ways… She is known as a fertility Rune. Why? Notice that she is in the shape of the Letter B, and in fact is the phonetic value of the letter ‘b’ in the runic alphabet; and in the shape of breasts (considered a feminine rune because of its shape).

Whether it’s a newborn, a new enterprise or business, or just a new way of thinking, she is all about growth. She is the 18th Rune; one of Tyr’s Aett; a spiritual warrior rune. But watch out – this is a time of opportunity – do you open yourself up to it, or do you wait? Or worse yet, do you become stagnant, and complacent?

Here the rune was drawn Reversed.  Berkana is a Rune picked for today, and it can be a simple and unimportant image or a clear sign. Are you moving too fast, or not fast enough? Are you holding on to seeds that should be planted now, or are they seeds you may want to plant in the fall?

If it feels right, do it. What are you waiting for?

If it’s not time wait, what’s the rush?

It’s up to you to do the work. No one can do it for you – it’s up to you to act, or not… But remember, when we plant something, it requires watering, and care. Eventually, it will need weeding. It takes effort, and the question I think is not if we will plant the seed, but will we take care of the garden when it grows?  Effort is everything!

Many blessings,