I float, skies are brilliant blue

how do I get back to you

me, the reflection stares back

pointing fingers in mid-flight

sideways, up, down,

How do I get back to you, ME…

The air feels smooth, cool

Do I want to come back to Me, You

The reflections smears

Fingerprints unknown

How do I get back to me?

Do I land now, how?

Wingless I left

Wingless I return

No way to land safely

The ground gets closer

I close my eyes

You cheer me on, ME

I can no longer see clearly

My eyes closed,

I come in for the landing

Dirt, rocks, brush, you, YOU, finally you…

©Sandi Martinez





butterflies_450 pix

Dark crawls through jagged edges of


Light, suspends its wings

it stops, mid-flight

The flicker pauses

unsure of day or night

Black streaks break up the bright

as flickers of white

race to make it alright

Dark is lost

suspended in time

All can be seen in its

infinite divine

… Dark is lost

 ©Sandi Martinez

A Look Back

WP Snow_Pecos.jpg[Photo Credit: Sandi Martinez]

Wind stops

snow flakes sparkle

seconds pass

spurs on mind’s chaos

winter coats the ground

a crunch underfoot

soon sprouts of green

will grow

just as my thoughts turn to snow

A look back

no better than before

better to know

nowhere to go

but back around

to solid, wet ground

back around to a past

come back around

the cold blows

my mind





by Sandi Martinez

Fear Unborn

blog_Beings unknown

Driving through Chile, NM. A gift; beings unknown… (Image: Sandi’s)

Gone are the days when you looked me in the face

and I turned away

somehow you knew you could stay

Gone are the days

when you stepped on my toes and made me

think it was me, all me

Gone are the days I shook your hand,

making deals you would tread softly and quietly

and Gone are the days I actually believed you

Because you never existed even though

I’ve been torn,







©Sandi Martinez


Beads of sweat roll down

in the nick of time,

I catch mine

in the nick of time,

I turn around

and wait to see if you

can really see

the beads are reflections of you

drops of memories free themselves

as they glide down my soft skin

images of you and me and the way

we were bounce back; times gone by

the ones we remember

and the ones that roll around loosely

the string that holds them

no longer taut, no longer strong

but rather a lazy kind of tug

Beads of parts of ourselves

of who we no longer are

Beads of the future gather

around the ground, the path

we walk on, that once led us to

each other,

and now opens to all directions

Beads roll on down in every direction,

I no longer worry… let them roll





© Sandi Martinez

If I whispered

A mound of dirt surrounds

that which imitates a path

the path zig-zags to you and me and fro

and to


The wind blows, bending the trees

this way and that

but if you look closely,

it’s the way into the cat

it’s blue eyes glow golden

it’s whiskers bend gently

with movement

It’s lithe body

crawls and sun bathes sensually

The wind blows


My mind burns with images

my heart knows no bounds

my heart can fly

but until I met you

it couldn’t




©Sandi Martinez

High Five

...and I give you a high-five back... (Image: Sandi Martinez)

…and I give you a high-five back… (Image: Sandi Martinez)

You say this, and say that
and flip a finger back
I catch the motion as if it
were a kiss
but it wasn’t
was it?
I say this and I say that,
and I give you a high-five back,
if it weren’t for your cruelty
I would not know about pay-back
heaven’s no, not that kind,
just the ones we leave behind
Memories, regrets, and middle-finger blows
but who knows?
where we go,
no one knows
Where we are headed,
those whom hate us wish us beheaded.
Where then will we go when we know?
Time to let go
Please let me go…

©Sandi Martinez

It’s ugly

If I say you are wrong to look the other way, does it mean toward me? [Image: Sandi Martinez]

If I say you are wrong to look the other way,
does it mean toward me? [Image: Sandi Martinez]

If I say I love you, what does that mean?

If I say I know you,

does this mean from where,

from before we were born?

If I say I want to express myself

does it mean I will say anything?

If I say I am confused, does this mean

about everything

or just you?

If I say I have much to ‘deal with’

does this mean anything in general

or just the steps I take toward you?

Or does it mean it’s the steps I take away from you?

If I say you are wrong to look the other way,

does it mean toward me?

If I say keep looking in that direction,

Does it mean toward your lover?

If I say stop thinking of me

does it mean as your friend – the way you knew me?

Or does it mean in the way that you want?

please, stop talking and start walking down the path where you belong…

©Sandi Martinez

Missed beats

Santa Fe National Forest (Image: Sandi Martinez)

Santa Fe National Forest (Image: Sandi Martinez)


A meandering thought,

stuck in time

a word caught

at the tip of the top

the sun’s gaze

warms the earth beneath

and the earth shudders

in warm relief

A wrong turn

leading to me

and the path yet unborn

that leads back to you

two paths

up the mountain top

and yet nowhere to go

but back down…

now it’s your turn

downward, upward, sideways, upside down – the turns will lead you back

now it’s your turn

©Sandi Martinez