(Royalty free pics from Pixabay; arid canyon

It’s a tail spin

reeling you in

a fight you

don’t understand

and never asked

to land

And you cringe

at the far edges you hang

at the fringe

the cliff high

your chin scrapes

against the crumbling rock

You find your footing

sound of rock breaking

sound of your fear choking

and your foot slips

in desperation

did you find the right spot?

Where your foot holds

and your body tenses

against the tight mold

that is your mind

as you fight to stay alive

and all for what?

The right to say what is real

what is true

who is you

right on cue

to be punished

to be hung

But your foot is on the right rung

as you hang in the balance

help comes

is it heavenly?

Ii it humanly?

or is it you saving yourself?

©Sandi Martinez


For the Sake of the Unknown

(Color Cosmos from Royalty Free images)

by Marissa Martinez, Special Guest Blogger, Poet

When you fall off the edge

And you hit a wall

Suddenly you can’t breathe

The fear and the stress that build up inside you

Suddenly boils over

Spilling on to all that surrounds you

Making a mess

But then a gentle hand reaches out to touch you

You turn your back too embarrassed



Now all that left is


Spilling your guts to the unknown hand

The hand touches your shoulder And now you fall apart

I’m honored to post a beautiful poem written by my niece, Marissa Martinez, adaptation from, For the Sake of the Strangers” by Dorianne Laux.

This was a class assignment in her Creative Writing class on September 26, 2018. I’m very proud of her, and I might add… gifted poets just might run in the family! Thank you Marissa for sharing your poem, and look forward to sharing more in the future, I love you sweetie! -Auntie Sandi

Divine You

tree_550 pix

Sheets of light

Wrap around me

And then flow through me

And suddenly underneath me


As if I’m walking on light

So bright

The reflection of white

Bounces back and all around


On the ground

Tears abound

How can I deserve this?

Silence, not a sound


I close my eyes

Blinding streaks

Burn through

And then I see finally,

The Divine you


©Sandi Martinez



Shades of blue

reflect what is not you

and the lightest of hues

become what used to be


and all along the illusion

became real

a short distance of time

tricked me that you were mine –

the other part of me

that could see

colors dance

vibrant and bright

the lines no longer blurred

this is me,

the me I lost

the me I see

doesn’t belong to anyone

else but

… me

the colors no longer lost

the beauty all around

me, you, all nature within us

©Sandi Martinez


Hope Knocks

rainbow_450 pix

And I looked down

and my feet were brown

stained by dirt, and mud

my chin hit my chest

… a loud thud

and I cried

I reached out to thin air

the stuck breaths… I tried

to breathe, to leave

and find myself


To put all my troubles on the

top shelf

but the more I walked

my knees locked

my head a big bad mess

would the sadness stop,

become less?


Then I saw the streaks

yellow, blue, teak

and the rainbow broke through

and I saw you – my angel

nothing more to do


All this time, you were my cue

now I know

the mud will come off

my head will come back up

hope knocks

the door unlocked


©Sandi Martinez



I float, skies are brilliant blue

how do I get back to you

me, the reflection stares back

pointing fingers in mid-flight

sideways, up, down,

How do I get back to you, ME…

The air feels smooth, cool

Do I want to come back to Me, You

The reflections smears

Fingerprints unknown

How do I get back to me?

Do I land now, how?

Wingless I left

Wingless I return

No way to land safely

The ground gets closer

I close my eyes

You cheer me on, ME

I can no longer see clearly

My eyes closed,

I come in for the landing

Dirt, rocks, brush, you, YOU, finally you…

©Sandi Martinez



A Look Back

WP Snow_Pecos.jpg[Photo Credit: Sandi Martinez]

Wind stops

snow flakes sparkle

seconds pass

spurs on mind’s chaos

winter coats the ground

a crunch underfoot

soon sprouts of green

will grow

just as my thoughts turn to snow

A look back

no better than before

better to know

nowhere to go

but back around

to solid, wet ground

back around to a past

come back around

the cold blows

my mind





by Sandi Martinez