The totally Organic, Angelic, Experience

The totally Organic, Angelic, Experience.



If I whispered

A mound of dirt surrounds

that which imitates a path

the path zig-zags to you and me and fro

and to


The wind blows, bending the trees

this way and that

but if you look closely,

it’s the way into the cat

it’s blue eyes glow golden

it’s whiskers bend gently

with movement

It’s lithe body

crawls and sun bathes sensually

The wind blows


My mind burns with images

my heart knows no bounds

my heart can fly

but until I met you

it couldn’t




©Sandi Martinez

The path is long, as it is wide

A stroll near the plaza in Santa Fe, NM - near the Cathedral - with my friend Nicole!  (Image: Sandi Martinez)
A stroll near the plaza in Santa Fe, NM – near the Cathedral – with my friend Nicole! (Image: Sandi Martinez)

Unfortunately, many blocks twists and turns signal a crossroads. When a time to go and a time to stop both collide. This path can be long and winding and narrow – full of pit-stops. Full of pot holes. So, we get a flat tire. We stop and get it fixed, or change it out ourselves.

The wider the road is, the more traffic can fit into the path. Many distractions abound; a time when we forget where we’re going and when we were supposed to get there. Really, there’s no right or wrong. Just the possibility of stopping for too long, and even turning back.

Do you really want to turn back? After all the steps you’ve taken to get where you are? Did you even know where you were going in the first place, or were you just following a map; a plan set up for you by others?

The path is long, as it is wide. When we stop to see how far we’ve come, it’s not an excuse to stop there – the challenge is to go as far as you can. The crossroads has options. Turn there, go here – stop. Go. No amount of signs in the world can point you in the direction you’re going – but your heart is surely the only compass you’ll ever need. So, don’t stop – go, and don’t look back – the road is long as it is wide…

Many blessings,


I was told…

Medanales, NM (Image: Sandi Martinez)
Medanales, NM (Image: Sandi Martinez)


I was told I could move mountains

They were wrong

I can barely move myself in one direction

I was told I could breathe fire

Like a dragon

Who’s mightily pissed off,

They were wrong, I can only breathe oxygen

I was told I could be anything

They were wrong,







And who am I?

A soul who climbs the highest mountains

Who feels fire spreading throughout her bones

A soul who can travel places

You have only dreamed

I was told you can do the same thing




©Sandi Martinez