About Sandi


Sandi Martinez is a native New Mexican, and brings with her a healthy sense of thriving in the high desert state.  She’s adventurous, spiritual-minded, authentic, and likes to try new things. Above all, her spiritual life is at the core of everything; not a religious person, she welcomes daily the spiritual dose of divine inspiration in all its forms.  She often feels like she’s on the moon, but enjoys the unpredictability of life, as long as it doesn’t tip her backwards too far… she enjoys walks in the high desert with her dog Samson, (and though in late February of 2014, he made his way over the rainbow bridge, he still walks faithfully by her side) movie nights with friends, hikes by moonlight, biking, and long, luxurious reading!

She feels its her duty to do the best she can to bring more awareness to this effort, by donating HALF of funds to animal rescue orgs, from every minute she spends providing Divine Guidance to those who call for their intuitive reading. For more detailed information, visit, Divine Guidance readings.

She has brought the art of divine inspiration, into people helping animals, by her helping people. Some of her gifts include: Clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, some telepathy, and is also empathic. At any time, one gift can supersede another, other times, all these gifts combined, can provide much-needed insight to the individual receiving the reading.

Please look out for some of the detailed information she will focus on regarding psychic phenomenon, (which really is quite simple and more common than we think), in the ways that she contributes her part to people helping animals, in future blog entries.

Many blessings Folks, and please keep on giving… whether it’s of your heart, your soul, and most especially your wallet. Our animal friends need us.

Many blessings!







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