Sandi Martinez is a self-published author, and has also published several articles for Demand Media Studios, and Examiner.com.  A native New Mexican, the prickly cacti can no longer hold her back; the desert begins to pour water, over, under, and through her thoughts.

Sandi gives free, YES, FREE 15-minute psychic readings to those whom have donated over $20 to animal rescue organizations. And how you may ask? Simple: Just give her proof that you have donated within the last 30 days.

She will need the animal organization name, date, and amount you donated, and a way to contact you, by filling in the information in the ‘contact form’ below. By clicking here: Sandi2write Gift Certs, you can view what the gift certificates will look like when she emails a gift certificate back out to you with your code# and your name.

That’s it — pretty simple, and if it sounds too good to be true, (or complicated) it isn’t. It’s true, she’s gifted, compassionate, and fairly accurate.

So, email her at: sj_martinez@zoho.com, or give her a call: 505/500/6321. 

Many blessings Folks, and please keep on giving… whether it’s of your heart, your soul, and most especially your wallet. Our animal friends need us.



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