Historical Tapestry; the War between Good and Evil

Divine wars

Divine Wars; the Awakening, was born after a trial and error of sorts. I thought it would be a story of reincarnation and the threads that weave us through past lives and as a result, one another. However, it was not to be what I thought or should be for that matter.

As I began to write, something happened: something bigger, more creative, and infinitely more intelligent flowed through me. My story really, turned out to be about angels and demons. But not the kind that you read about in other richly told stories, or even the biblical ones. This story turned out to be even more than I was humanly capable of imagining.

The historical tapestry of the eternal war between good and evil rages on through today, and will into the future and many generations to come, will also tell tales. But will they talk about this war? The one that happens in our daily lives at any given time, at every conceivable moment? The one where a human who has walked in the light and talked of the light, suddenly becomes dark? Or how about the one that has bathed and lived and trudged joyfully through the dark, only to be struck violently by shards of piercing light?

I don’t know that I have truly done this story justice; it is one that is shared with me via divine whisperings, the kind you don’t hear, yet listen to avidly. As if waking from a dream, only to realize you were dreaming while you lived your reality.

This is not a story I can easily describe, and though I’ve done my best to write up a descriptive synopsis on the back cover of the book, I can honestly say it’s only the beginning of a living, breathing, and often times ethereal story; one that beckoned the angels to my side, as they whispered their sacred secrets into my ears… and they continue. Though I have finished the first installment of ‘Divine Wars; the Awakening”, so Divine Wars; at Dawn, is born.

Stay tuned.

~And they come, so as they may be turned, to a way never gone back to, to be forgotten, only to repeat the steps as if in an exquisite dance… and so they come, to hear the many truths, yet unborn, and unimagined. –Archangel Ramiel.


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