How to tell if ‘Divine Wars; the Awakening’ is right for you

The Totally, Organic, Angelic, experience...

The Totally, Organic, Angelic, experience…

I’d like to say that interacting and connecting with angels is an experience that can be fully explained; but alas, not with words anyway. This book, to be published by the beginning of May, weaves a story around angels, and soul stalkers. If you believe in angels and quite simply, the divine, in all its glory and magic, then you can continue to read further. Otherwise, you might want to scan WordPress for other cool blogs to peruse…

Ah, you’re still here… so, how can you tell in advance if this story is right for you?

The first installment in a trilogy, takes the reader into a world of unknowns. Fate and destiny intertwine; creating a plethora of supernatural delights where angels stand on sidewalks, smile wide at strangers, and open doors with genial courtesy. While at the same time, demons stalk the innocent and hopeless. Two worlds collide, a multi-dimensional catastrophe as timeless and cyclical as eternity itself.

  • You have been touched by an angel; literally, through other people or other unexplainable events
  • You have witnessed events that in some way saved you either figuratively, or literally speaking
  • You have an innate ability to communicate with the divine, but hide it from others because you’re afraid you will be called crazy or ‘out there’
  • You are clairaudient
  • You are clairvoyant
  • You are clairsentient
  • You are telepathic
  • You are ultrasensitive and open to other realms and dimensions you are too embarrassed or confused to talk about
  • You have unusual, strange gifts, other than the above-mentioned; such as dreams, premonitions, (Deja vu) woo-hoo moments that you simply don’t want to talk about with others, and feel inclined to ignore, deny, or push away these super cool experiences
  • You believe in a force much greater than you (whether or not you use the word, ‘God’)
  • You are able to notice the smallest shifts during seasonal changes in the wind, (colors) incredibly sharp sense of smell, touch, taste, and hearing… and you have more than 20/20 vision in your third eye
  • By the same token, you also have had horrifying brushes with evil, or know of others who have and have never questioned them, because you believe them

That being said, I’ll direct you to my website where you can check out my book trailer. Go ahead, I dare you …

Many blessings!



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