The totally organic, angelic, experience…

(Image: Sandi Martinez) 'Divine Wars; the Awakening'.

(Image: Sandi Martinez) ‘Divine Wars; the Awakening’.

Okay folks, I’ve talked about it and now it’s here…

The first installment in a trilogy, this book takes the reader into a world of unknowns. Fate and destiny intertwine; creating a plethora of supernatural delights where angels stand on sidewalks, smile wide at strangers, and open doors with genial courtesy.

While at the same time, demons stalk the innocent and hopeless. Two worlds collide, a multi-dimensional catastrophe as timeless and cyclical as eternity itself.

To check out the book trailer, click here!

Again, I’d like to say thank you to my angels for their guidance, support, creativity, patience, and as always… their amazing brilliance.


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