Push, but don’t shove…

The world of editing just got smarter… Or… perhaps just a bit more time conscientious… Through rain and snow, and smush… smushy mud and everything in between (in good health and in bad), I am now done editing.

I’ve come a long way since I started the whole long and arduous journey of editing – self – editing… who thought it would be so fun, and yet so tedious!  Not a question, not a statement, just is what it has been. Editing is like gutting a building.  You know you want to do something with it, but you don’t know what you’ve got until you tear it down and see what’s there to begin with.

Well, I’ve gutted my story; the first in a trilogy titled, ‘Divine Wars; the Awakening’, and will now give myself a few days to chew on the story as it marinates.  How you may ask?  If it’s marinating, don’t you wait awhile?  Yeah, but who’s to say you can’t have a few bites in between the waiting???  Enough with the metaphors… my apologies, I just don’t quite know how to say ‘gotta give myself some time before I read the edited version, and make the draft final’ oh wait, was it that simple?

The simple truth about writing is you write.  There is no secret about it, nor is there any measure of secret success.  You write what you write, step back and step back some more, and then get at it again.  So that one day, when you’re in my shoes, you’ll remember this: Some day, what you write will be done – well done.  Way passed the marinating stage.  Then you publish it yourself, or turn in your precious work to several publishers, or agents.  And you look back and ask yourself, wow, did I really write that?

Yes… you did… so folks, write, write, and write, and then comes the part of preparation to share what you worked so diligently on; the publishing stage; look out for some tidbits of my story here and there that will be posted on my website soon… I’ll get you links and everything you’ll need to check it out a bit here and there.

Many blessings folks!



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