Finally, the new washes out the old…

On quiet mornings such as this one; many days after winter solstice and a week into 2015, I am swept into almost a euphoric sense of wonder. As If all the things that are ending, are not painful anymore, but rather refreshingly clear; all things must die, but at the same time, new things are born.

The contrast from even just a year ago is amazing to me. Pain is very present – it doesn’t matter what kind of pain, or what caused it. A year ago, it was in my face in one way or another. A tight chest, shallow breathing, and wicked, negative thoughts were abundant.

Then somehow, in 2014, things started to change a bit. Astrologers might have several wonderful different cosmic reasons to explain this away. I would be interested one day to find that out. But for now, I rely on my own inner knowing, connection, and relationship with the divine. I only know I feel freed from such shackled, raging, thoughts.

So this morning, I was inspired to share this with whoever might happen upon this entry. And hope that the same wonderful thing has happened, or is happening with you; to be your confirmation that this is truly possible and does happen when you’re ready for it. Not before – only when you’re ready and prepared to welcome the change.

May 2015 bring such refreshing, new, and wonderful moments for all of you!

Many blessings,



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