Walk, don’t run

Road to the boat ramp in Abiquiu NM-Abiquiu Lake. (Image: Sandi Martinez)

Road to the boat ramp in Abiquiu NM-Abiquiu Lake. (Image: Sandi Martinez)


So I came to the realization that running is only just that, ‘running’.  However when walking, I can see so much more.  I can see the sun as it hovers over the earth, and how the colors change and make everything come alive.  I can nearly count leaves on trees, and count trees, and the bushes around them.  I can see how the clouds take shape and become something else, only to turn back into a shapeless shape.

So what I am running from has nothing to do with running away from something – rather it is the illusion that something is better elsewhere.  It is the lie I tell myself when things get rough, and I am too selfish to commit.  I once had a great friend tell me: “You run from commitment”.  Understand, this friend knows me well.  I was bothered by those words and weighed them carefully.

Why should I run toward things or people that wish to dismiss my efforts?  Why should I run towards those whom don’t?  I’ve known for quite some time, that if I run, my tail eventually slaps me in the face!  It hurts: It’s a whipping of sorts that calls for all the drama and sound effects in a bad movie.

So, my first step is to face myself.  In understanding that at the moment, there is nothing to run from, or run toward, I can relax and just keep walking… now where are those great Sketcher walking shoes I am in heaven in, when I walk the solid earth beneath my feet?

Many blessings,



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