Don’t give up the fight

An initiation rune...

An initiation rune…

… or should you give up the fight? This rune has many spelling variations. I like Tir, because it’s simple to remember, and pronounce! It was drawn reversed. Normally upright, it is an opportunity to fight for what we believe in. To put our best and our all and be prepared for any and all challenges that come our way.

However, I drew it reversed (it is shown upright so that you can see it in its upright position clearly). What this means, is we have the opportunity this weekend, to open ourselves up to the possibility that we may be becoming lax, careless, or unresponsive to the things around us that we care about.

A few questions I am asking myself, since I drew this for one and all of you whom may find that you may be working on a parallel challenge that I too may be facing.

  • Where has my desire to make a difference gone?
  • Am I ready to take on new challenges on the horizon?
  • Will I fight to keep what I have earned?
  • Do I still have a fighting spirit?
  • Is this a battle I want to fight?
  • What exactly am I fighting, and to what end?

Just a few question to chew on, but first let it marinate? I think of my own answers to those questions. I recently ran into someone at my work place that I had a very challenging situation with. Thinking I might see this person again in the future prior to our meeting just yesterday, I had prepared myself for that possibility.

When I passed by them in a somewhat narrow hallway, I thought, “Wow, there they are…” and I walked proudly and unaffected by their presence, while they stood there clearly unprepared. I must admit, I loved seeing the look on their face!

I could have reacted in several ways. But the first thing that came to me was, ‘that which does not exist, does not affect’. And so I chose not to ‘see’ them, even though they were clearly standing right there – in front of my face.

I’ll leave you with this thought and outworn cliche: Choose your battles!

Many blessings,




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