The Language of Wind

Cottonwoods whispering in the wind... (Image: Sandi Martinez)

Cottonwoods whispering in the wind… (Image: Sandi Martinez)


I can see why wind can drive people mad… but yesterday, the wind told me a few secrets. I asked if I could share them with you, and this is the response: ‘Do as your heart leads you’.

The wind jostled not only everything in its path, but also in our hearts and minds as humans. We are shaken to our core to some degree already, depending on what’s whirling around us. To add the gentle, and sometimes aggressive shove the wind piles on to our faces, skin, ears, eyes and dust, and everything it moves – well yes, the wind can be annoying. But I learned that wind served a purpose for me yesterday. It mixed, and threw my own thoughts every which way until they landed with a thump. I had a chance to straighten my thoughts and discard the ones that no longer served me; interestingly, they’re the ones that flew ominously up to sky and landed on the clouds to be dissipated at a later time.

What the wind taught me, is that everything is moved in its own time, direction, and way. I had no control of its comings or goings. I only knew I had to flow with it. I’m not interested in fighting anymore – I want to accept the things I can’t change, and I want to learn the difference between the things I can, so I no longer waste my time – and instead, expend more energy on those things that matter.

That’s what the wind taught me. What does it teach you… I mean besides annoyance!

Many blessings,

😉 Sandi


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